Standard Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. Invoices
    1.1. You will be invoiced on the completion of a consultation or following surgery
    1.2. GST is payable by your on our fees and charges. GST will be itemised on all invoices received form Urology Associates Limited

  2. Payment
    2.1. Payment is due within seven (7) days of receipt of invoice.
    2.2. Paying in-person - payment may be made in rooms via cash, credit card or EFTPOS. No other payment methods will be accepted except by prior arrangement
    2.3. Paying via an electronic bank transfer - payment may be made online via internet banking. Bank account details are outlined on your invoice and may be found on our website at
    2.4. Paying via Credit Card - we accept payment via credit card through the “Pay an Invoice” page on our website. Credit card payments are processed by Payment Express via their secure Payform portal. Urology Associates Limited does not hold your credit card details

  3. Refunds and Disputes
    3.1. If there is an issue or you dispute some aspect of your invoice, please contact the Accounts team at Urology Associates via phone (03 355 5129) or via our website (
    3.2. If a decision is made to refund all or part of a payment, that refund will be issued in the same form that the initial payment was received
    3.3. If we commence enforcement action of any type in relation to unpaid fees, you are liable for the full costs of such action, including but not limited to debt recovery, agency charges and legal fees