Wetting the bed (also called nocturnal enuresis), and the daytime leakage of urine, are common and distressing problems for children and parents. There are often simple measures that can help.

Approximately 10% of 5 year olds wet the bed, 5% of 10 year olds and 1% of 15 year olds - in other words it is common and does improve with time.

The most common cause of bladder problems in children is constipation and often children can be constipated without this being obvious. Your urologist may recommend an x-ray of the abdomen (tummy) to see if this is the case.

Once any constipation has been checked for and treated, there are three types of management options:

  • medications to relax an overactive bladder (e.g. oxybutinin tablets or liquid)
  • medications to reduce the amount of urine produced overnight (e.g. desmopressin nasal spray)
  • a bed alarm system

Urology Associates has a specialist Child Psychologist that visits the practice and helps families with children who suffer from bedwetting - including the use of bed alarm systems which are available for hire for a small fee. If your child suffers from bedwetting, please call us - we can help.

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