Prostate cancer

There are a number of different treatment options available for prostate cancer, from active surveillance, to robotic surgery, to radiation treatment. Click here for more information.


Kidney removal surgery (Nephrectomy)

Sometimes, men are affecting by a cancer of the kidney. We offer a range of types of surgery to treat kidney cancers. Click here for more information.


Bladder removal surgery (Cystectomy)

Blood in the urine can mean bladder cancer. For some types of bladder cancer, your urologist may recommend total removal of the bladder with reconstruction.


Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is an uncommon tumour that typically affects young men in their teens to early thirties. It generally presents as a hard lump in the testicle that may not be painful. If this is you, see you GP urgently for an ultrasound scan and a referral to Urology Associates. Fortunately, most men with this cancer will do very well, so long as the cancer is found early.



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