We provide expert care for all men's urological health matters. If incontinence is affecting your life, we can help. Urology Associates offers a caring environment, unmatched expertise, and access to state of the art medical care. 

Often incontinence, that occurs after prostate cancer surgery, is funded in New Zealand by ACC. This means you may be eligible for care in the private sector even if you do not have health insurance. If you want to know more, phone us, or get in touch with your GP.


AdVance urethral sling

The AdVance sling is a simple procedure that allows improvement in continence after prostate surgery. It involves placement of a hammock-type sling beneath the urethra (water pipe). You will be in hospital overnight and the leakage should improve immediately following the surgery. Ask your urologist if this is right for you. Click here for more information.


Artificial urinary sphincter

The artificial urinary sphincter is designed for men who have suffered severe incontinence after prostate surgery. It is the gold standard in treatment for post-prostatectomy stress urinary incontinence. Our specialists are trained in the placement of this device. Click here for details.

AuthorVanessa Ortynsky