In order to provide the best level of service we strongly recommend patients get a referral from a GP before booking an appointment with us. Referrals allow us to prioritise and ensure we have the information we need to prepare for your first consultation.

Once we receive the referral we will notify the patient by post or phone of the appointment time.


Information for Health Professionals

We prefer referrals to be sent via EDI (HealthLink) but they can also be made by fax, email or telephone.

EDI: urolasso
Phone: 03 355 5129
Fax: 03 355 6368

Please include the following standard referral information:

Patient details:

  • Name, address, phone & mobile number
  • Date of birth
  • NHI number (please assign a number if patient does not already have one)
  • ACC number and date of injury if relevant

Clinical details:

  • Reason for referral
  • History and co-morbidities
  • Examination findings
  • Investigations carried out and copies of results
  • Options already pursued
  • Current medications
  • Allergies